You’d be surprised that the canvas of dreams
A pleasant scenario of my psyche
Would be ghoulish and nightmarish.

Let it be known that I dream of you.
No, my perception of you
And I transmute every inch of your body,
And transform it into something surreal,
Baroque, elegant, and grotesque.

Your form is not yours.
The shapes and thoughts are truly mine,
As if you become enslaved to my deepest desires.

Ironic, ‘cause maybe you are a slaver.
A sad truth, for I renounce my freedom
And recognize the farce as my will is broken.

More so, I want you to absorb me,
Make me your own, extend your body
Let me enter, I am willing.

Make this forbidden metamorphosis a reality
As your corporeal clay is molded into
The envy of Aphrodite and Freya.

Contributor: Jose Porrata

Copyright © 2013 Jose Porrata. All Rights Reserved.


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