My lovely, my lovely,
bend on your knees and beg!
May the shadows of your actions
humiliate you so,
that you twist your body in remorse above your legs.

As the infinite possibilities lie in your horizon,
may free and unwanted opinion
forever guide you
into a straight line of forgotten past,
where your deepest thoughts and your redemption forever last
and crumble, horrify you,
forever haunt you,
whip you and disarm you,
into never ending sadness
until it drives you into madness….!
And thus I fulfill my desires,
to take away, for my words to never inspire you!
That forever I take away your aim,
to endorse with words your pain
and to cross away your dreams,
for your aspiring eyes to remain unseen,
by the mighty spotlight that guides your excellence,
that will thus fly away…endless!
If you’d only open your eyes,
and found that all my words are lies
That all this that forever holds you so
is just bold and unwanted prejudice.

Contributor: Andrea Arias
Featured Image: Noell S. Oszvald

Copyright © 2013 Andrea Arias. All Rights Reserved.


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