Nothing Last For…

The table, square mahogany
Presses up against my stomach
the huge mound
wedged between my breasts and my lap.

My bloated fingers press up against the skin
Feel for a toe
A hand
A second heartbeat
Hoping he would get off my bladder.

He is connected to me
Sharing my food
Sharing my water
My immune system
But I am not attached to him

He turns inside boils my blood
But the condensation from the liquor bottle
Cools me

I am sick of sharing this life
With a nameless, helpless
Human being

I am willing to drown myself in alcohol
And let him drown with me

I release my hand in panic
Why would I hurt innocence
Because I am an inconvenience.

On square mahogany,
I see his father’s key laying there
His chair still angled in the direction
He left
The carpet is still indented
With the wheels from his suitcases
And ringing in my ear is the door slamming
Over and Over
It’s over.

Contributor: Elisha Nain

Copyright © 2014 Elisha Nain. All Rights Reserved.


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