Scales and Balances

I reek of Dragon’s Love.
Spewing, pulsating, raging
Holding back gulps of red, acidic fire
I am so forbidden
Hidden in a tavern, inside a cave
In there, a dungeon
Curled up in a coil of disenchantment.

My goodness, the pain
Boiling in my gut.
Bringing tears to my eyes
I dream of releasing this fire
A heat that gushes through thin veins
Torches my head and I cringe
When it scorches my chest
Stifles my disenchanted heart.

From my exterior I am mighty
Vibrant, showered in fluorescent scales
Notoriously fine claws, wings
That collect the sun
over the cities I once doomed
That collect over the cities I once doomed
And the pupils
Of an infuriated soul
Viscously unstoppable.

Until I was cursed,


Blessed, with Dragon’s Love
And I unleashed a devastating fire
On it’s very home
Bloody, blinding rage and disenchantment
Until my eyes locked with a being
Suddenly curing me, at least it felt like
A soothing. A pale, aluminous being
I flew down to rescue for
This one has rescued me
From a birthright of anger.
By just being calmly and quietly

Pulling the being out of the flames
To cooler grounds,
It stared at me, not afraid but in awe
Touched my wing and marveled at my scales
I was a fascination to something so graciously
Enchanting. It looked up and smiled at me,
But then the smile leveled down to a painful frown,
A frown equal to my disenchantment.

It warned to me.
Go, fly away, you pained creature.
Fly away and never come back
For with your rage follows an aching loneliness.
Your loneliness.
I will come for you when you are calm
When you have cooled. And I will be here for you
You will pain no one else with your disenchantment.

And through that touch and that voice,
My body grew cool, but irritable
For I wanted the being in my life
To Enchant my disenchanted heart for
As long it is able. But I won’t force the being
To suffer for my loneliness.

And so I lay, drowning, waiting
In Dragon’s Love.
Underserving still of something so Enchanting.
Yet waiting calmly and quietly for it.
Needing it so much to stay alive.

Contributor: Elisha Nain

Copyright © 2014 Elisha Nain. All Rights Reserved.


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