Through the nonsense that lingers in the air
a sense of horror reaches perception.
Are you better? Are you smarter?
No. Don’t agree with such deceptions.

Traveling miles, walking step by step…
Smiles and nods
but there is nothing ahead.
As cleverness and interest fades further away,
a world full of knowledge seems less knowledgeable yet.

Yet hope is contagious,
and humanity is common,
But preconceptions and differences
makes everyone believe they are shamans.

But no! How could you know
what lies in the consciousness of the rare?
Is our society so predictable,
so despicable, and
that by the lack of knowledge
and assumption
we predict the knowledge of the unknown
without empiricals and the unshown?

Lies, lies, is the world full of lies?
Look ahead, there is truth
there is peace and there is happiness.
Real intrigue doesn’t lie in made up commonness.

Behind all that preconceived nonsense
that strives to conquer your weakened mind;
Will you let the media and alien opinions
turn your skepticism on humankind?

Contributor: Andrea Arias

Copyright © 2014 Andrea Arias. All Rights Reserved.


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