Temperamental Tick Tock Tick

Tock. Talk. Time speaks over me

Chips away at my pours my nails claw

At me. With the suppression of time

The talking of time, time speaks

And I listen. Ninety ticks pass

The first bus slips by me

By me by me why me I’m late I

Hate it. Ninety more ticks go by

Ding sandwich is done. It’s done I’m done

I’m one hundred ticks away from tears.

My tears, why tears, I’m near

The knife I tip the blade with my thumb

To the tick and tock and tick time talks

To me. For me. Tells me it leaves me behind

Ninety ticks more and I can’t take the torture

Time leaves me, I need to be sane,

release feeling, need to get up. One hundred

more ticks talk down to me. Tell me

pick it up. Tell me to pick it up. I pick it up,

pick it up. The blade’s between my nail

And finger. Press Ninety more ticks and I’m

Through. Push it through. I’m through

With you, time talks to me. Press harder

I bend the nail bed, press deeper red

Slips down the gray of the blade impress

Me. I’m down to the knuckle. Farther

I can’t breathe. Farther time talks to me.

Farther time pulls the blade down my hand

Farther down my arm. Time has arrived

I’ve arrived. I have arrived. FATHER. Time.

Please don’t leave me. Father don’t leave me.

I open my eyes. Absorb the time not dreamt away.

Time talks to me, bringing back disconcerted memories.

Contributor: Elisha Nain

Copyright © 2014 Elisha Nain. All Rights Reserved.


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