Melancholy within the Abyss

Into this void

we drown

and writhe in pain

as we see our demise

surrendering our hearts

I never wished for this

a fate so cruel and deathly

the magic of your smile

was all the hope I needed

This curse unbroken

lie wrought full of torment

Shatters conceptions of life

and withers so callously

My frozen tongue cut you up

two pronged traitorous intent

laced in poison it slits

your most sacred sanctums

The abyss, it waits

a hunger

for corpses

simmering in blood

blackened in hatred

Please, escape this hell soon

Release, this burden you know as ‘me’

and flourish beyond your dreams

and courageously, love joyously

Contributor: Jose R. Porrata

Copyright © 2015 Jose Porrata. All Rights Reserved.


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