Still Movement

Train 5380. Car 08

Zip. Avignon tramway slows movement.

Hallways twisting into destination…

From the origins of… C’est la vie.

We are here now. In a capsule

Ornamented with French gems

Time is still until 5380 08.

Canvases tacked to high walls

Where the woman is solemn

And the bodies are hills

Photography is fine

Art in the gift shops. Feet

Shuffling. Zips. Wheels

Churning fresh bread rolling

To the café. A huddled hub

Chatter never surpasses the glass

Door to orange walls steady

Hallways with the Browns’ Blacks’

And Blues’ clicking heals clacking

Loafers, phones flashing time to


Men under construction scurrying

Hoist their banner over the wandering

And waiting chanting French pride

“Je Suis Humaine” distant piano

Trickling in the background music.

Speaks all languages. Key strings

Tugging our veins. Unity,

Singing in destination… from our

Origins… Ding. Train 5380 Car 08.

Goodbye Avignon. I’ll return

From Lyon waiting for –

Lyon, France: The Crock N’ Roll and VictorHugo

Contributor: Elisha Nain

Copyright © 2015 Elisha Nain. All Rights Reserved.


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