21st Century Odyssey Part I

the world is changing


like a ‘fore told fantasy


immersion, coercion? diversion


unification of the utmost complexion?


No. Technology is bringing us together.

Generations are facing [at] each other.



No need for hesitation.


physical, mental, virtual, augmented?

the new normal is demented.

Confirmed it.

Here comes reality.


imagination is the new form.

to conform is to not conform.

Don’t fight it.

Ignite it.

Abide to it.

Personalize it.

Define it.

Decide it.

Don’t Hide from it.

Embrace the merging of worlds!

We are the masters of the universe


The true meaning of humanity.

Oh yes. Far out insanity.

Shh. There is no calamity.

Just the Beginning of Immortality!

Contributor: Andrea Arias

Copyright © 2015 Andrea Arias. All Rights Reserved.


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