Illustrations and Poetics

Crock N’ Roll

Caved nook with French Sound

Urban Flo-radiance on cobble

Stone streets in the city where

History carries young soles

To percussions, brass, poetics

Break-dancers spinning

Windmills under the

Opera Theater to

Down beats and bass. Lyon,

Taught me the streets

Aren’t for the weak.

There for chic woman,

Fantasies. Fierce dames

With Lilith behavior and

Madonna hearts.

Terrain weathered from the

Rock n’ roll to hard knocks

Unclassical rhythms and rhyme

Time to unwind next to the

Magnavox Grey, Sega Genesis

In the corner of this pizza parlor

Turned café for the cranberries

Gingers and Jägermeisters who

Roll the dough and rock to stay hot.

Contributor: Elisha Nain

Copyright © 2015 Elisha Nain. All Rights Reserved.


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