Poem: On Lit. Competitions

Submit this, submit that…
Why don’t YOU submit to my dick!
Sorry, I’m just pissed off.
So I may come across as crass
But fuck it, I give up!
Wordplay? Tantalizing tongue twisters?
Whacky, witty, wonky, wonderlust?
Assfucked, deep n’ hard.

Let it be known that innovators
are actively persecuted and executed
That gifts are given to mediocrity
and that the occasional genius slips by

to hide the fact that stagnation is profitable

Most importantly, I declare
that I shall die impoverished
smothered under an obese prostitute
with massive udders, both parties drunk.

Contributor: Jose R. Porrata
Copyright © 2015 Jose Porrata. All Rights Reserved.


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