Active Contributors

Andrea Arias
Architecture Major
“I aim to explore the world and its wonders (both tangible and intangible).
Whomever stumbles upon my work, I wholeheartedly hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Jose Porrata
Political Science Major
“Whatever impressions I may leave, be they good or bad, hopefully they will come from my words and actions (which I hope you take a good gander at).”

Elisha Nain
“Writing for the hell of it.” 


Yuliana Ramos
Hispanics Studies Major (Hispano-American and Puerto Rican Literature)
Writing to let my soul free.

Guest Contributors


Christian Groff
Architecture Major
“Always look both ways when crossing the street, you never know what you might see, whether it be the miracles of nature (i.e. squirrel porn) or someone not so intelligent as you fair lads get hit by a truck.”
(excerpt from his first entry on his blog: Christian Groff: The Life and Times of a Cat Lover)

Past Contributors

Marina Kovacs-McCaney
Writing and Graphic Design Double Major
Words are my greatest sunshine.


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